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Miso AI software ensures that your burger or steak is properly cooked


Miso Robotics, the company that made the file Floby robots for fast food chains, now they want to make sure your chicken or chicken is well cooked. The company has unveiled CookRight, an AI software and mobile device that monitors the dessert of any meal and encourages line chefs to turn it around immediately. It can even study the distribution of grill temperature to get the correct cooking time.

CookRight is an AI-powered method that powers Flippy, but without the arm of a robot that drives burgers or stolen baskets. It is equipped with a tablet, cameras (computers) and a small computer, so it is simpler and cheaper than Flippy for about $ 100 a month for a subscription. It can also make its own, so all that opens up for small users and not just big chains.

Miso Robotics

This method eliminates the temporary need to be able to bring in uncooked food. Here’s how it works: The cook carries grill and burgers, hot dogs, chicken, fish, steak and other foods. CookRight AI will detect what is right by 96 percent and just start over. Everything appears on the image and symbol. The chef can set up a cooking section (missing, a little bit, and more), and the app will provide information when it needs to be rotated or removed from the grill.

Using a machine, CookRight is able to learn the distribution of the grill to cook things properly. With that data, it can see a grill that would need to be repaired if it was finished or cooked an object, for example. It also helps to avoid mistakes in meetings and “real-time correction … making sure everything in the bag fits into the pocket,” Miso wrote. Finally, it provides reviews for owners and managers to help them improve performance and identify potential food hazards.

Miso says the process can help prevent errors that lead to food poisoning and other things, while “it finds a lot of unprecedented work in kitchen work that has never been done before.” He also believes that the system can save money in restaurants by increasing efficiency, which is a key factor in the current epidemic. For more information about CookRight, see the company web page or economic location.

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