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XPG mouse has SSD so you can store your games in it

Have you ever looked at your mouse and thought, “OK, but if you’re wasting a lot of space?” The XPG game development company apparently did, because it is just that uncovered CES 2022 concept mouse with high-speed SSD integrated, Digital Trends they say.

The XPG Vault Gaming Mouse is a USB-C wireless mouse that the company calls “a gaming library in your hands.” The prototype type supports up to 1TB of memory which can run at an amazing speed of 985 MB / s. Storage can be controlled by XPG game program. “Game launcher programs … promise to make your game libraries more portable as well [add] game integration with the XPG Prime Software Ecosystem, “the company said.

It looks like a normal mouse, though it may require a strong USB-C cable to support this type of speed. It’s not the worst idea we’ve ever heard, because it gives you the fastest speed while releasing the USB component that is usually carried by the wireless mouse. XPG does not specify DPI for mice or any other game.

USB storage mice it does not make sense, although we have not seen anything known recently. Wildlife It often comes out at CES, however, to help companies capture interest and advertising. Apart from the display mouse, XPG also unveiled other features that could come on the market next year including PCIe Gen5X SSDs, DDR5 DRAM and XPG Wired / Wireless Alpha mice.

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