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The Stars and People Who Had a Good 2021

Image entitled Heroes From Real-Life and Fiction Who Had A Great 2021

Picture: Photo by Lucasfilm

Well, sure: then maybe the heroes of The High Republic spent most of 2021 their fictional lives changed dramatically, but in many cases, Lucasfilm’s new style of publishing on toys and books has had such a solid year that it seems impossible to realize that this period was established 200 years before. Star Wars prequels – started in early 2021. Since then, in many books and humorous stories that continue, the founders of this section have been revealed. Star Wars history has built an impressive galaxy bag far, far away that carefully weaves the well-known features of the saga that make it enduring with a deep, fun, and intelligent interpretation of what it means to be a Jedi, power and what, and what. The role of the Republic in the galaxy should be paramount. As it all seems to be going from bad to worse High Republic is starting to descend casually into the dark into 2022, his character has not yet begun to fall.

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