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Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5: Six-month report card

It’s been almost six months since the launch of the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, and many people are still struggling to keep up with what they are doing and buying the next version. Shortages of shares and other complications from the global epidemic have been on the decline, although millions of Xbox Series X, Series S and PS5 consoles have built homes around the world. Microsoft and Sony now have half a year to showcase their new products, and it is clear that these companies are deep in two different ways.

But one thing remains true – if you’re still playing on the gen-gen console, you haven’t missed much.

The PS5 and Xbox Series X were launched with a simple promise: they will be better, faster and stronger than the previous generation (because duh), and can have a new standard of play in the living room, 4K and 60fps. All of these consoles offer front-end, which offers fast-paced moments, visuals and animated animations.

However, the PS5 had a chance to appear in the last six months. Sony is using a standard approach with its new contractor, following the hardware upgrade process and building the right library. In the meantime, PS5 received the Hearts of demons repair, the head of the anti-vehicle war Destruction AllStars, a trippy sci-fi roguelite Revenge, and Astro Playroom, a game show that doesn’t have as much fun business as it does. These are only available on PS5, adding value to Sony’s new contract with every drop.

However, those are only four games. Revenge then the most recent title on the list, and probably the most important one, as it marks the launch of a new IP and really takes full advantage of the PS5 scams. Revenge output from 4K with 60fps and raytracing, has 3D audio, and uses all the features of the new DualSense controller.

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Speaking of DualSense, Sony’s new gaming app remains exciting after six months of daily use and one app. It is very accurate, to provide quick answers in response to video recordings such as rain, blasts and wind, when the problem starts depending on the tool you have chosen. Personally, I still love DualSense.

Going to the Xbox Series X. Although there were some talented studios under the Xbox sign, the new app needs a special game list. Microsoft should have been very late, Halo: Unlimited, after it was revealed in the original videos that did not meet the following standards. In the meantime, The medium then the only game on the Xbox Series X, even if it’s available on a PC, too.

That said, Series X shares several new games with the PS5 and last-generation systems, e.g. The Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and Bad City to Live, also uses platform titles or higher PS5. Series X offers its promise of color-enhancing features and great support for the game at 120fps, and it also has something that the PS5 doesn’t have – it’s safe. Series X supports playback card, while the PS5 only allows players to play games on an external SSD, but not play them. This is a big deal, as many PS5 owners have already been forced to remove the recordings to make a new game.

But when it comes to programming, the Xbox universe is all about Game Pass. This is where Microsoft’s approach leaves Sony. Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service that offers access to a library of over 150 games on Xbox consoles and PC, plus it unlocks EA Play, Xbox Live, and Microsoft beta gaming consoles on electronic devices. Game Pass Ultimate costs $ 15 per month, and for the past year or so, this subscription has been a great help to Microsoft.

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