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Workers in the Amazon in New York have also tried to form an alliance

Former and current employees at JFK8, Amazon headquarters on Staten Island, New York, remodeled a request to have a vote on unionization. Staff first filed a request by the National Labor Relations Board back in November, but he had to do so removal it fails to collect enough signatures to be approved. At this point, the organizers were told capable of collecting more than 2,500 unsigned employees or half of the 5,000 people working on the site.

Workers are hoping to form the Amazon Labor Union, a self-governing body that is not bound by a major international agreement. One of the leaders was Christian Smalls who led the JFK8 tour of COVID’s e-commerce security depot. Amazon chased Smalls later, say Price CNBC that he “received several warnings for violating social norms.” Even so, the Smalls are still heavily involved in rehabilitating the site. In an email to The Washington Post, described the incident at Bessemer’s Amazon store, stating that “long-running voting procedures are run by employers who use that time to lie, intimidate and intimidate employees into not voting for a contract.”

Most of the employees at the Bessemer company, Alabama voted against the deal in April. However, the election was controversial, with the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU) – a coalition that partners have to enter into – criticizing Amazon for disrupting the elections. One of the main things he said was that the company had put a ballot box in front of the depot and at security cameras, which made employees feel like their votes were being monitored. After looking into the complaints of RWDSU, NLRB ordered Amazon to make another vote.

Amazon has been strongly opposed to its employees entering into contracts. When the people of JFK8 submitted the first document to the agreement, the e-commerce giant said Engadget in the sentence:

“As a company, we do not think organizations are the best solution for our employees. Every day we empower people to find ways to expand their operations, and when they do, we want to change – quickly. This kind of continuous. The benefits of direct relationships between managers and employees. can not be overstated – these relationships allow for the voice of every employee to be heard, not just the voice of a few people. our goal – to do better every day. “

The NLRB has confirmed that The Post that it has received the group’s request and will review the signatures in the coming days.

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