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Witcher TV Series’ Wild Hunt Explained

Geralt, on foot, leads Ciri and her horse through a battlefield with corpses filled with smoke.

Picture: Jay Maidment / Netflix

If you saw the last of The Witcher‘s second season, you have clearly seen what will be the new third-season violence-Wild Hunt, a group of seven good-looking riders on skeletal horses that fly in the air and are dead (pun intended) in capturing Princess Ciri and the Magician. blood. Now, presenter Lauren Schmidt Hissrich has described how The Witcher made them live – and that’s why Wild Hunt came to the show, though they don’t show up Andrzej Sapkowskiearly books.

As a result, the answer is a resounding no because they are the main critics of the popular CD Projekt Red video game. The Witcher: Wild Hunt. Considering that the most popular game is how many Westerners became fans The Witcher, which leads to both book sales and lifestyle changes, Hissrich knew that fans would expect Wild Hunt to appear on TV. But they are also an important part of Ciri’s personal development, as Hissrich explains in this video about bad people:

It is interesting that Hissrich says he is “like a myth” in the world of The Witcher, because they too are ancient in the real world, especially among the cultures of Northern Europe, their Sapkowski integration in Poland. Like their mythological allies, Wild Hunt was a group of ghosts, spirit creatures who are often portrayed as flying through the air, extorting human beings through them, and depicting war, pestilence, and other tragedies. In some areas, people thought that they were dead, while others were considered a myth.

How much The Witcher‘s Wild Hunt does or does not follow these myths may be an unnecessary waste, but it is enough to say that they have more going on than Hissrich allows here. Whether or not the secrets will be revealed in a prequel list Sources of Blood or The Witcher the third season remains to be seen, but either way, the hunt has begun.

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