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Sebastian Kurz has left politics to join Investor tech Peter Thiel

Sebastian Kurz has left politics to pursue his career at the California financial firm of Peter Thiel, the former Austrian president after he resigned in October due to corruption at the heart of his government.

The 35-year-old former chancellor will become a “global expert” on the billionaire business, Thiel Capital, says one expert. The cash-in-transit vehicle has supported a number of different initiatives, including the manufacturer of psychedelics Atai.

Kurz, a former EU leader-elect, has closed the door on what appeared to be a politically correct month this month by resigning as the right-wing leader of the Austrian People’s Party, claiming he had become a “witch hunter”.

Although no charges have been filed, police have entered service in Vienna as part of an investigation into whether Kurz and his allies used public funds and made false invoices to buy good news on TV when he was foreign minister between 2013 and 2017.

Kurz, a former torch bearer in central Europe, denies any wrongdoing.

Thiel, originally from Germany, is a major contributor to the Republican campaign in the US. He rose to prominence as the head of the PayPal payment platform, and went on Facebook, but moved to the edge of the modern world because of his interest in solid ideas such as creating an independent seafaring platform.

In 2016, when Thiel came out in support of President Donald Trump’s campaign, mistrust of left-wing professionals turned into hatred, prompting him to leave Silicon Valley. From there, he moved to Los Angeles and Washington, while Palantir, the largest data and AI startup company, moved to Colorado.

Palantir’s work in assisting governments to analyze large amounts of data, for example, in order to identify potential terrorists and to track down illegal immigrants, has been the case with human rights activists.

But that has not stopped his influence from spreading worldwide in recent years, including Europe. The epidemic intensified, with health agencies taking over their Covid-19 vaccine and recognizing the declining number of available medical beds.

Thiel and Kurz seem to have known each other for years. The two were photographed together in a photo posted on Kurz’s Twitter account At a security conference in Munich in 2017. The former Chancellor said the two discussed “how #digitalization to change our world ”.

Additional reports by Sam Jones and Richard Waters

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