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WIRED 2021 Hot Reading Series: Books for Children and Adolescents


and Anthony Cleveland

Generations 13-16

Foreigners. Drugs. Government secrets. UFO carrier, podcast shooter. Destruction of planets. When you promote Anthony Cleveland and Antonio Fuso Stargazer, seemingly hot topics of conspiracy theories. In fact, the same capabilities — potentially powerful enablers of the Internet — also run in the opening pages of a picture book. One time, a group of children are enjoying a good night out, and the next, BBRRRUUM, large letters cover the scene and their friends are taken to the water tower. A short time later, Kenny, the last of the group, falls off the scene after reaching the star. Some don’t really know what happened, but Kenny insisted that the “heavenly beings” took them. At the risk of his friends and relatives, Kenny’s sensitivity to strangers turns into men. He is not the same at all.

Nearly 20 years later, Kenny met with the group again. This time, he disappeared. His sister Shae brings friends together to find him, making a trip to promote people who are at odds with the US government, a foreign life force group, and the most traumatic events in the past. Stargazer it has two sci-fi components and one risk-free component with a lot of mystery. Cleveland’s story runs wild, and Fuso’s vivid portraits, similar to those of the legends, parallel the courage of the story everywhere. Stargazer and read faster, and also burn slowly. Like a computer that I try to create a large file, I spend a few days finishing the book and just thinking about each plot. In the end, I go back to the first thing I heard when I finished: complete confusion. –Paul Sarconi


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