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Windmill AC Review: Air Conditioner That Can Be New Year’s

My house does not have good ventilation in the middle. Every year, in the hot summer days, I struggle with low, high, low, and bad air under my room. I throw it at my kids’ window in the bedroom, winning every time I open it, and preview the future every day to see when it starts again.

Last summer, direct startups for consumers were invited Mill he sent me a test of his spirit. Before I could write a review, it was purchased, and the order time for orders was delayed by more than one year. The company is now approving a re-order and is now selling directly Home Depot. If you want to cool the bedroom or playroom, I recommend you jump in. It works, it’s easy to install, and it’s cheap.

The best part? It’s interesting to me then I realized I had stopped standing for a whole year without counting every minute until I removed it. That’s the best evidence I can give.

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Photo: Windmill Air

Air conditioners often measure the strength of British hot spots. For each foot with space, you need about 20 BTUs, as you plan things such as the height of the longest room, the amount of sunlight in the room, and how many people stay in the room and for how long.

At 8,300 BTUs, Windmill is at the very end of the spectrum. This makes for a great size and the potential for my kids ’bedroom of 10- x 15, especially since my kids are still small. They don’t have enough power in the living room, but the price is reasonable. At $ 395, it is cheaper than its most difficult opponents, like the LG unit that switched on our behalf.

You need an open, double-glazed window, with an opening 14 inches wide and 23 to 37 inches wide. It weighs about 60 pounds, which surprised me, because I had no problem lifting it up to put it on. The company’s clear guide is supposed to prepare for about 45 minutes to set up, but it took me less than 15, even counting the time I spend and cut it down.

You’ll probably see for the first time how the food is in front of the Windmill, and the exit goes over the top. I really appreciate this design. You can’t control the cold air directly in your sweat, but it seems to run very fast and allow us to use the bedroom properly. My daughter’s painting table is under the window, and Windmill doesn’t blow her eyes or shoot all her black leaves.

The distribution controls are on the top, and with a few small buttons, labeled under the LED display panel. You can set the temperature only, or you can set the clock speed and shape manually, whether it’s cold, fan, or Eco (somewhere in between). There is also a small distance, but my children and I lost almost immediately. It supports Google Assistant or Alexa’s voice control, but I find that I use my phone more often, especially since I can turn off the app just before sunset.

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