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Wild Photographer Criticizes Our New Photos Of ‘Pokémon Snap’

IRON: I threw an apple at him. And I added a bow tie and a graduation hat and gear to change the game.

Obesity: I think a bow tie is a good idea. I wish the hat wasn’t cut. And I don’t like that they don’t feel comfortable. I understand the need for people to help with what is going on in the window, what if there was a rear receiver and it was like, oh, you had to throw the ball in the reception area near the animal. Something that the beaten object was not a real animal. God, there are many experts who were involved in the game. Can they have more alternatives than animal cruelty?

IRON: Do you think, at the moment, during the epidemic, when not everyone has natural access, and can’t walk, events like this are important?

Obesity: I think there is no substitute for the real thing. The benefits that nature offers us, even if you just walk into an urban park, far outweigh anything you might find on the window. But if they can teach people something about the importance of animal shelter – every animal needs a home, and animals have a home that needs it, then if there is anything about animal conservation, that is a good thing. If there is any idea that there is a rich world of wildlife out there, something more interesting and wonderful than we dream of. It would be great if this game has something like, “Go out there and see the wild animals, and honor them and protect them!” or self-defense such as, “Please do not throw things away. Please do not feed wild animals. This is a game.” Do they have it anywhere?

IRON: I have never beaten this game.

Obesity: I encourage you to add some of these. If they want me to advise them on this, I am happy to do so.

IRON: Would you know from these pictures if I have a natural talent for painting?

Obesity: You could be on your way. You have the ability to better understand and other ideas about lighting. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Groo and me discussed the importance of natural drawing in experiments. I asked her about how natural painting contributes to management and whether players can understand the role of artists in nature in terms of protection and awareness.

Groo: There’s all sorts of recording now drawing drawing, where artists are really working hard to make their images come true and paint pictures that look like animals and their environment. And they try to find ways to use these images to inform people, to help people take care of a particular animal or place where the animal depends. They want to find different ways to spread the word and educate people, so that they can develop the best interests of the people, and that’s my job.

And, more and more, I think natural artists realize that it’s not enough to just create beautiful paintings. The world – as we are in its sixth anniversary – people are realizing, “Well, I have to use my photos to change.” And culture is a big part of it. How can we be outside as environmentalists, not disrupting or disrupting our education instead of respecting them? How do we come up with natural images when animals don’t seem to be disturbed by us? And how can we walk without leaving anything, without hurting ourselves?

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