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Roku pulls YouTube TV to his store as Google controversy escalates

Year he has done good by threatening to remove it YouTube TV from his store where there is a dispute over Google. Earlier this week, Roku said is able to use the program unless Google backs down on claims that YouTube requires it to be at the forefront of search results and to have results from suppliers (such as music promotional services) shut down while the app is being used. Roku also said that Google wants the company to use cards and chips in its hardware that can increase the cost of hardware, which could make Chromecast a more attractive option for consumers.

The companies did not find any agreement, and YouTube TV left the store after work. Existing subscribers should keep the app on Roku as long as they do not uninstall it. This issue does not apply to the main YouTube app, which is defined by a single contract.

“We just asked Google about four simple things,” Roku said in a statement Deadline. “First, do not use consumer search results. Second, do not need access to anyone else. Third, do not use their power on YouTube to force Roku to accept requirements that can attract money to consumers. Fourth, do nothing in a discriminatory and competitive manner. and Roku. “

The company said it did not ask Google for additional funding to renew the agreement. Roku is still waiting to form a new partnership with Google and reintroduce YouTube TV to the store.

Earlier this week, Google denied Engadget that it had asked for access to the app or that it had asked to “interfere with search results.” The company said it had tried in good faith to approve the new agreement with Roku but “Roku often engages in this process in their negotiations.” Engadget has teamed up with Google to report the removal of the app.

Here is Roku’s letter to customers:

Dear Roku,

We’ve been disappointed to share Google’s decision to end the YouTube TV deal.

While this is unfortunate, we would like to inform you that we are taking another step to ensure that Roku users who are like you are hosting YouTube TV are working to connect.

We will always be brave for users, which is why we will not accept unfair and anti-Google demands that would allow your search to be affected, affect how you use your findings and spend a lot of money.

Our commitment is to always put your interests first, which is why we will continue to provide YouTube TV users as long as Google takes action to eliminate all traffic. New subscribers are not allowed at this time. It is also important not to delete the YouTube TV app as it will not be available for download on Roku devices.

We remain committed to fulfilling a trust agreement with Google that gives you access to YouTube TV, meets your personal search criteria and protects your personal data. We hope to inform you soon.

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