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Why Legislators Also Make Apple Happy With Google’s ‘Rents’

Josh Hawley was Some questions about how Apple raised $ 58 billion in purchases are available last year.

“I just want to focus on one major source of funding,” a Republican senator told Apple’s lawyer. “It’s not new, it’s not research and development. It’s the only money you make in a store. ”

I think, unlike me, you had better things Wednesday than watching a small Senate committee against Apple and Google. But if you sang, and you were not rich, you would probably be surprised by the exchange. What is a real estate lease – a word that is frequently mentioned in obedience – and why is it so bad? How does it relate to the store?

In economics, the concept of rent means more money that a business makes than it can make in a good, competitive market. In other words, it is the money that is not available to make a profit. When corporations push for government funding or tax advantages, they are often accused of “renting.” It’s a funny word, and its limits are to be argued; it can be difficult to reconcile between net profit and unlimited rent. But the important thing is that businesses should strive to make a fortune by improving their products and services, not playing the game.

Debt is a very important part of anti-conflict laws. One of the main reasons for managing monopolies is that once a company starts a market, it can raise prices without having to worry about competitors being run. “Free lending” is an income that one person earns not because they provide the best sales or services, but because they have the ability to pay more. That is what the subcommittee criticized Apple and Google for doing. Each company encourages developers to use their own electronic payment systems developed in their software. And each costs about 30 percent of what they buy. This is hurting companies like Spotify, which has witnessed listening, a lot of money, because Google and Apple control the entire digital market: All customers who sign up over the phone, not on the computer, have to go through the store. (Technically Google allows apps to be “side-by-side,” not for commercial use, but really few people have a hard time doing this.) The commission is also at the heart of Epic’s civil video game developer. cases of dishonesty against all these companies. And, according to filmmakers who took Apple and Google to take action, it allows developers to offer additional revenue to consumers.

At a hearing, representatives from Google and Apple said most developers do not pay 30%. But he also said that the agency, which is the largest program, which earns the most money has to pay, is competitive with companies and companies. The problem is, they but all US companies. And no one in the sub-committee on anti-corruption, from any party, seemed satisfied that the billions of dollars a year the companies earn through the committee represent everything close to what they would do if they did not have control over the software market. As sub-committee chairwoman Amy Klobuchar said at the end of the court, briefly summarizing the views of their Democratic and Republican counterparts, “I think there is something confusing about this.”

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