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Weather and news coming Windows 10 taskbar


After that to try it with Insiders, Microsoft is adding a new file News and Entertainment available on Windows 10. In short, the tool creates a minimalist approach to the taskbar that gives you the opportunity to monitor the weather, as well as to get the latest news, game rates and stock prices. Screen recording opens the browser. You can also save articles for future reading and share if you wish. What you won’t see in the food, maybe here, is any ad.

Naturally, you can change the themes you see on your feed, as well as the publications that Windows uses to create notes. Additionally, you can customize the look of the image on your taskbar. It is also possible to turn this off if you do not want to see it all.

By adding features and preferences to the taskbar, Microsoft says it is trying to achieve a number of goals. First, it wants to make it easier and more convenient to do so. In addition, from the company’s point of view, many people already have a habit of keeping track of what is happening around the world all day long. So why not do this regularly? Integrating weather monitoring with Windows is something people have been asking for for some time.

Microsoft plans to begin publishing News and Interests to the Windows taskbar in the next few weeks. It claims to be taking a “long and proven method,” and the whole process should take several months.

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