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Why Is It So Hard to Do Bad Video Games?


I have always been I love the idea of ​​choosing my own path in the game. Moral pressures make worlds of pleasure more attractive. Sometimes he changes the result and gives you a reason to play the game. But as much as I love this idea, I often find it hard to take the wrong approach. I repeat the game with the intention of being evil, but I still find that I am a Good Samaritan.

I realized this and Star Wars: Old Republic Warriors. After finishing this game as a Jedi, I wanted to go back and play as a Sith. But I am always forced to choose the light side. Obviously, I am not alone. Megan Starks, a senior reporter at Obsidian Entertainment, is a studio behind such titles Foreign Land, Oppression, and Fall: New Vegas, says that about 97% of its players tend to liken it to a better option than a bad one.

“We could say, ‘Then, why don’t you bother to make a rude decision at all? That’s a lot of time and a lot of decision-making stuff that most players can’t have.’ But having that choice is important,” Starks wrote in an email.

Without choice, things can get tedious. It is important to feel that you are directing events and that you are being told about who your character is and where you are going. This is especially true of international sports and freedom of movement and other events.

“Fiction mimics life, and to create a credible world for the audience to live in, it has to have a moral identity,” says Starks. “Because if you don’t have any mistakes or opportunities to make mistakes, there’s no disagreement, and if you don’t disagree, you don’t have an issue that the audience is interested in.”

Dark Place

At first it was straight. When I think of a game like Black & White, Star Wars: Old Republic Warriors, and Myth, there was no moral difference. Each action had an integrated decision. For example, in Myth, the brutality you have committed, the dangers you can look for in those around you. In some games, it can be linked to the curriculum.

Red Redemption he was polite, even if you pulled a bandana on your face, illegal means, you could kill, steal, and do other unsaved things. As a result, your dignity may change even if you hide your face. It’s very influential, changing the way people in the game affect you, how the middle man Arthur Morgan carries himself, and how things end.

As the game progresses, the moral system grows. Many developers do not just give you the opportunity to choose a highway. Sometimes there is so much gray that you can’t see what’s right. It may be a lesser choice, not the best.

“If a decision is always easy, it is unpleasant and makes us waste a lot of time and do what no one will ever have,” Starks says. “If we choose ‘gray shades’ or ‘politically neutral’ or ‘cheap’ colors, players can weigh the pros and cons of each and choose a number of colors.”

I sat for a long time and regretted that I could fix the lights at Edgewater or at the Botanical Lab in Foreign Land, I know it would contradict the group I did not choose. After going back and forth, I was able to find a deal that pleased both parties, and asked the Edgewater leader to leave. But depth of choice is missing.

Good manners

While a lot of Obsidian can show its players often choose the best option, it doesn’t mean that the players are sitting on the right. A Baylor University study investigated the approach of people choices in video games and we looked at three scenarios:


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