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Top New York Restaurants It can come back


Very long eggs Benedict with sturgeon roe, lavender duck- and roasted honey, and crab tail with buttermilk. Last week, Eleven Madison Park, one of the highest-selling restaurants in the state of New York City (and in the world), he announced It’s just vegetables, with the exception of milk and honey for coffee and tea.

The story has taken the region by surprise, but Eleven Madison Park isn’t the first restaurant to end up selling out; it is the most recent of the food groups that have drawn ugly lines in the meat-eating sand. Just last month, French chef Alexis Alexis Gauthier converted his London restaurant, Gauthier Soho, do not eat any meat. “I am barren; It would be illegal for me to make a profit by selling dead animals, ”Gauthier told Welcoming the Elders. Daniel Humm, owner and chief chef at Eleven Madison Park, also expressed environmental concerns: “The way we get food, the way we eat food, the way we eat meat, is unstable,” NPR’s Guy Raz told new episode yes How I Do It Podcast. “And that’s not an idea. This is simply true. That’s why we decided to make our restaurant 100%. ”

Chefs like Gauthier and Humm are on the right hand side of history. Meat production around the world accelerates climate change, denounces billions of animals and brutal treatment on factory farms, and leaves poultry workers in a state of shock. However, there is a difference in these ideas that I wish they had considered: just reduce the meat, instead of giving it all up. It may seem like a no-brainer, but causing their omnivorous customers to eat less and, say, 80 to 90% of the diet alone could have a similar global impact — and not make a decision for consumers. This change of mindset can reduce the association around veganism, and cause more people to eat less meat.

As a self-employed person, I eat mostly plant but sometimes I also eat meat. Given our dry climate of developed agriculture, I think a vegetarian world — or one where we eat very few animals — would be better. But I also see how difficult it is to get everyone, not even the whole culture, to reduce the number of animals. Conservationists and animal advocates have been trying for years, and still are just a small percentage of the developed world with vegetables or greens. At the moment, the average American eats almost 225 pounds animals every year. The number is slowly increasing, as is the number the popularity of plant-based meat is growing. And no wonder; meat is cheap, sweet, easy, and long-lasting connected such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. For some people, vegetarian food is unpleasant.

To put it bluntly, I think it’s good that Eleven Madison Park and organizations like that run the ball on vegetarian diets, and there’s a reason for them to create solid evidence that shows the importance of eating meat. Plus, it will show you how vegan food can be delicious. And because Eleven Madison Park is a culinary model, some restaurants and organizations can follow their lead.

However, it seems that other restaurants would follow the lead of Eleven Madison Park if the move were to take a little longer. Industry executives may be concerned that many restaurants think vegetarian food and restaurants are vegan-only – they say“Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking about our danger.” This fear is unfounded. There are no decrease people who think that vegetarian food is fun and unhealthy, and research has shown that veganism is deeply discriminated against. Most omnivores will not go to a vegetarian restaurant unless a friend or relative has drawn them. But as vegan writing is shame are excluded, and restaurants know they can eat what they want, they can go on their own. When connected as a customer, they come back — and maybe try something new (and no meat). While Humm will no doubt attract many people who are not tired of his reputation and status, he has still lost some customers, and with them, the opportunity to attract other restaurants.


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