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Who Is The ‘A-Team’ Who Saved La Palma’s Dogs?


The sign in this video is published by the so-called

Rest assured, there are still good people on earth. And they care about the dogs, which makes them better. A group of people claim to have rescued the dogs that were closed by the outflow of lava from the eruption of the La Palma volcano. There is only one secret: We do not know who they are.

Authorities have approved a pilot program to transport missing dogs to and from the lava field. But at the end of last month, the self-proclaimed “A-Team” secretly wanted to release the puppies, leaving human feet and a positive message.

The dogs were trapped by volcanic eruptions after the Cumbre Vieja eruption in September (still erupting, and volcanic researchers). I do not know when will stop). He is said to be a 70-year-old hunter from Todoque, who was forced to evacuate without the dogs, according to Spanish daily. The world.

Stories about the rescue of the dogs, who had been detained for a month, were published by the group via a social media video. The video opens with Todoque drone images and a Spanish audio format open from A-Team, Mr. T.

For about 14 seconds in the video, the picture appears with a Spanish sign that says, “Be strong La Palma, the dogs are fine.” The sign is marked “A-Team.” We all love the good news of the rescue, but more than what the team sent has been missing. This includes the notions of heroic dog lovers.

Finding members of the A-Team or how they released the dogs may not be possible soon, especially since they have broken the law to do so. The area around where the dogs were confined had been declared a “sanctuary” and Spanish authorities have been detained. Acknowledging that he or she has entered the area, even for good reasons, may open a member of the dog rescue team to pay a fine or other penalty.

A few days after announcing the release last month, A-Team was released another video showing that the dogs are well cared for, cared for and fed. The mysterious group then handed over the dogs to the state animal rights agency which said the dogs were “In perfect health.”

However, even in providing the dogs, A-Team did not break their cover. The Spanish Animal Rights Commission said members of the group called veterinarians and offered them a place, The world reports. When the authorities arrived, the animals were all right.

“We do not know how he survived,” said Sergio García, chief of the animal rights organization.

García explained at the time that authorities were still trying to deal with the dogs. Considering that they were in good health and that many had identification, the dogs were able to return to their owners, he said.


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