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Black Adam Will Be PG-13, But “Push The Limits” Of Violence


Dwayne Johnson artwork in his 2022 Black Adam Black dress, walking in the sky with lightning behind him.

Figure: Warner Bros / Jim Lee

The Adam black Photos unveiled at the DC Fandome in October show the moment a soldier points his shotgun at Dwayne Johnson. antihero with hood. In flash (not that), Adam grabbed the soldier by the neck and quickly gave him power up to the dust. It’s a very beautiful moment that feels like a joke when placed close together Johnson to past claims that his character was indeed a hero, and it sounds like the rest of the film will follow in this regard.

When speaking with Price CBR of Johnson’s new heist-comedy Red Note, Hiram Garcia (maker of both Red and Adam.. “We have a lot of people killed in our video,” Garcia laughed. “Adam black and edgy, isn’t it? It will be a PG-13 movie when it was like, say, The Dark Knight, while this pushed the edge of the PG-13. I think we do this a lot Adam black. ”

At a time when high-end R-voter films are popular Suicide Squad, and Dead Pool movies, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League has managed to do well, you would think Adam would follow suit, but Garcia doesn’t agree. In August, he he tells Polygon that Adam was constantly developed with the ideas of PG-13. “Black Adam will give justice the way he feels and people often do not deviate from the justice he provides. That is why we fully respect this. ”It may also be consistent with Johnson’s desire not to conform to his image: since he first made the film, Johnson doesn’t have much of an R-show in his name, and the latter remains. 2017 is Baywatch restart.

Garcia also took the time hype pa the film Justice Society of America, which will argue with Adam throughout the film. JSA is a favorite feature of the DC Universe, and Garcia wanted to make sure the film worked well with them, even though it would break their heads. James James Bond Pierce Brosnan as Dr. Fate and Leverage’s Aldis Hodge like Hawkman. “These are some of the most popular ones that fans have when they get to the DC Universe …Knowing our templates of how we saw the characters, we were looking for actors who could offer the wisdom and peace that came with Hawkman and Drs. Fate, one of the government officials you may have in this group.

Going directly to Hawkman, Garcia added that Hodge “is as amazing as Hawkman and just brings weight and strength to this guy.” One argument between her and Adam is said to be “very fun” for fans. “Aboth of them dropped it out of the park. Hands down, when we saw them reading, we knew right away that these were responsible guys, and we enjoyed it. “

Adam black and the bulk of his body will arrive at the theater on July 29, 2022.

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