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White House $ 1.7tn construction donation meets Republican opposition


The White House has reduced the size of Joe Biden’s package from $ 2.25tn to $ 1.7tn on Friday, but Republican’s quick refusal by opponents has cast doubt on the feasibility of a deal.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the recent Biden campaign “advertising campaigns” in a “spirit of finding common ground”.

But Republicans flatly refused the offer, saying there was “still a huge gap between the White House and the Senate Republicans on the meaning of construction, the amount of money they want to spend, and how you can afford it”.

Biden, who served for decades in the US Senate before becoming Vice President Barack Obama and campaigned for a political campaign, has repeatedly said he wants bipartisan support for his people. ambitious construction goals.

However, what happened on Friday appeared to be highly unlikely for Biden and Democrats to form an alliance with Republicans, who last month demanded a very small $ 568bn plan and rejected Democratic suggestions raise taxes on the organizations and the richest people in America to donate money.

Officials in Biden held a meeting with a select group of Republican theaters on Friday afternoon.

The prophet of Shelley Moore Capito, a West Virginia Republican filmmaker who led the GOP legislators in talks with the White House, said his recent submission to the government was “above what can be passed by Congress with the help of bipartisans”.

“The groups appear to be more isolated after two meetings with staff at the White House than they did once they met with President Biden,” the spokesman said, adding that Senate Republicans would “continue the draft” and continue discussions with officials.

A White House memorandum drafted by FT outlined how managers have adjusted their initial budget of $ 2.25tn, including spending on manufacturing and research & development, as well as reducing the amount required to run broadband to $ 65bn.

The president also reduced his plans to increase the cost of roads, bridges and major projects from $ 159bn to $ 120bn, according to estimates. Republicans had asked for an additional $ 48bn over such items.

“This goal shows a willingness to step down, to provide other areas that are important to the president – otherwise they would not have had the request – and to be strong in areas that are critical to rebuilding the infrastructure and industries of the future,” Psaki told reporters at the White House.

Democrats and Republicans split for weeks on how to pay for Biden’s expenditure.

A White House memorandum said the president “strongly disagrees with the plan to increase the burden on workers working on gas taxes and levies”, and that Biden “wants to honor his” commitment “to raise taxes for Americans earning less than $ 400,000 a year.

“The biggest corporations are the ones that use the transport equipment in our country,” Memo said. “They have also been paying the lowest taxes as part of our economy since the 1930s. Our approach is to ensure that corporations pay their bills properly. ”

Earlier Friday, Mitch McConnell, a Republican senator in the Senate, vowed to thwart any democratic efforts to raise taxes.

“This will reduce the economy to a crawl, and I think our chances of quitting… Are very good,” he told Fox News. “They can produce, but I think it will be very difficult, and we will deal with them all the way.”


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