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Twitch adds ‘Hot Tubs’ category

Twitch has increased commitment “Pools, Hot Tubes and Beaches“These additions come after the Amazon company demon-possessed, without warning, the methods of its many famous manufacturers who took part in a group that Twitch claims to be “different” from its Naked and Clothes rules.

“We recently stopped advertising in some of the videos that were advertised by many of our advertisers and we failed to inform them,” the company said. blog post shared Friday afternoon. “Our manufacturers trust us, and we should have warned those affected by this change before it happened – it was wrong not to do so.” The company added that it is working with private partners to restore their ability to generate advertising revenue.

Tropical streams consist of streams that weave swimwear into a hot tub – or, more often, a running pool – when talking to spectators and playing. The brand has become so popular in recent weeks that it has become available rebuilt here. As women portray, sex and abuse follow, some people think that participants are ignoring the rules of Twitch. Under it community advice, the company allows streamers to be seen on camera in a swimsuit in “appropriate settings,” such as on the beach, at a party and sitting in a hot tub. This policy does not change with the announcement today.

“The fact that we are prostitutes and others is not against our rules, and Twitch does not take action against women, or anyone who works for us, because of their beauty,” the company said. “No one should be harmed by their choice of printing, their appearance, or their identity, and we will take action against anyone who promotes this kind of poison in our work.”

According to Twitch users and advertisers, part of the problem is that the company has placed the devices under the “Just Chatting” category. The company also admitted that the ambiguity in the way it was written led to this. For the next few months, Twitch plans to change its policies on sexuality. So far, it is said, the new section does not address the so-called “hot tub meta” problem. But what it does do is help people avoid (or seek) rivers, and give them the power to control where their advertising is displayed on the platform.

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