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When jumping into Hyperspace, make sure you wear a seat belt


It’s another year and another Star Wars-May 4 day be with you. Following my custom, I go separate one thing from Star Wars and do one cold science. As I write this year, I look forward to the end of The Kingdom Has Returned. The interesting thing about using this video is that it is very old – over 40 years old – so I don’t have to worry about spoilers. I mean, if you haven’t seen it yet, will you?

As a result, here are the scenes: Leia, Lando, and Chewbacca use Millennium Falcon the flight of the royal army to Bespin. When they come out, they seize Luke (just sitting). As soon as he leaves the world, obviously, Darth Vader is there to welcome them and his Star Destroyer. Lando says, “Oh, no biggie. We’re just going to make the jump and get out of this system.” This will not work. Imperials prevent hyperdrive.

R2-D2 is the real hero here. He is on the board of The eagle talking to a Bespin-based computer — you know, just sharing the oil spills and leaving gossip on the silly things C-3PO has said. Central computers come back with a rumor: Hyperdrive is locked. So now R2 knows what to do. It rolls over, and gradually turns. There he goes The eagle, until then. Hopefully they are looking where they are going and will not touch the country or anything.

Now on to winter physics. As the starship jumps into hyperspace, R2 flies backwards inside The eagle. It was as if he were in a turbo bus when the driver hit the gas, and he was not tied to the seat. If we take the inside of the bus as a guide, we need to add a false positive to help run. I mean, it’s not a fake power. According to Einstein’s theory, there is no difference between a fast frame and a gravitational force.

Hence, in the descriptive framework of running The eagle, it seems there is a gravitational pull that pushes away like running. The magnitude of this force at R2 can be proportional to its mass multiplied by the multiplication of the ship. If the R2 has wheels without friction (or very low friction), then The eagle speeding forward it runs backwards in relation to the frame of the ship. This is a good thing – because I just have to measure the speed of R2 as I can see inside the ship.

This means we have to do video monitoring. If I know the size of things inside The eagle, then I can figure out how R2 is on each video. Also, with a custom frame I can access any time of the site. For longer measurements, I use length of R2-D2 and the frame rate included in the video (so that it also plays at the correct speed). My favorite tool to find this is Video Tracker Tracker. (It’s free.) Obviously, there are minor problems with this review. The cameras are zoom-but I can reverse that movement by looking at how the R2 moves with respect to the wall. With that said, I find the plot against time:


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