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WhatsApp’s response to Discord can be ‘groups’ for public chat


WhatsApp group chat can soon be like that Disagreement servers. WABetaInfo and On the beach I have learned that WhatsApp forms part of the Community (originally random to XDA) which allows facilitators to coordinate group chats under a large umbrella. You can have high-level Community chats with small groups of people to chat with – for example, you can have a Community College course with group chat groups linked to the parent.

All chats can be the same as they are these days, with a last resort. Administrators can invite people to join the group individually or by sharing the invitation link. Supervisors will also have the equipment to manage the assigned team, although more are not yet available.

WABetaInfo He expects Regions to appear in the future WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS, though he doesn’t know when. We can add that things like this are not guaranteed to be opened, and can be cut.

It’s easy to see Regions starting soon, however. This may not replace Discord for players, but it could also do the same for classes, sports enthusiasts and others who want to tie a few knots together. It can be especially important in countries like Brazil and India, while WhatsApp is often an important part of people’s digital lives.

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