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WhatsApp now allows users to send and receive money in Brazil


WhatsApp payments are now available in Brazil, according to Reuters. Chat on Facebook revived the story almost a year later he began to live in the country. Brazil has launched a WhatsApp mobile app – established in India a few months later – but its central bank has forced the move. to stop as soon as the side is established. Bank administrators simply provide WhatsApp app support permit A March-assisted Visa- or Mastercard in March after seeing if it complies with all the rules on “competition, performance and data confidentiality.”

As in the past Reuters report, WhatsApp tried to avoid being split as a financial aid company relying on existing Visa and Mastercard certificates. Paid advertisers were advised to suspend money transfer activities via WhatsApp, however, they were required to obtain new permits. In the negotiations, the parent company had to create a new unit called Facebook Pagamentos do Brasil which is now overseen by the central bank.

Although the section has been re-launched in Brazil, it will not be available to everyone from then on. Only a handful of users can find them for the first time, and they will have the power to invite other people to use them. Users will be able to send up to 5,000 Brazil Real (US $ 918) per month to each other for free. In addition, a single sale has a limit of 1,000 Brazilian Real (US $ 184), and users cannot exceed more than 20 per day.

WhatsApp only uses social media for now, but initially launched the group to support small businesses. Local businesses in Brazil and India have been using the online program as their online presence, and the payment form should enable them to receive digital payments easily. Facebook is still in talks with the central bank to provide funding to retailers, and the company hopes to launch the service sometime this year.

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