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Stellantis says the shortage of carmobs will only get worse

Stellantis, a car manufacturer produced by a combination of Fiat Chrysler and PSA, has warned that the shortage of semiconductors worldwide will reach a critical level in the second quarter than in the first three months of the year.

The warning of the world’s fourth-largest car manufacturer is out of harmony with predictions Volkswagen.

Chip shortages are the result of an unexpected reversal in the search for vehicles at the end of last year, following a critical crisis due to the coronavirus-associated complication growth consumer electronics market.

Armsmen around the world were caught red-handed, and had to be lazy or redesign production, cutting output to 1.3m vehicles in the first quarter, according to the IHS Markit.

Now, as the results of moto to the Renesas plant in Japan and the emergence of Texas as the storm begins to feed a global deficit, these companies are planning to do so in the short term.

Ford, which competes directly with FCA brands such as the Jeep and Ram, expects to lose half of what was made in the second phase, in a way that will cost billions of manufacturers, while Products has also warned of the malfunction of chip equipment that is running in this session.

Stellantis saw eight of the world’s 44 crops just lost over a quarter of a year, with much of the impact on what’s happening in North America.

Losses in production due to chip shortages came in at around 190,000 units per quarter, or 11% of the output generated.

However, the revenue Stellantis earned increased by 14% to 37bn, as the other sector was significantly higher, while the only area for motor vehicles was in North America.

Sales in Europe, South America, the Middle East and China all skyrocketed, as well as the sale of the Maserati brand.

The group responded to this need by focusing on making its most profitable vehicles to reduce economic impact, and reduce the amount of revenue generated by retail products.

Richard Palmer, chief financial officer at the company, said the company had “recorded revenue since the quarter of 2021… Despite experiencing difficulties from global crises”.

Researcher Philippe Houchois at Jefferies said the group has managed to “produce better than its common counterparts so far”.

The company expects a “slight change” in the second half of the year and met its expectations of 5.5% to 7.5% compared to last year’s 5.3% average, before the parties agreed.

Stellantis expects to save € 5bn from € 50bn partnerships, although plans for the two businesses will not be made until next year.

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