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What is behind the Houthis invasion in the UAE? | | Houthis Stories

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At least three people have been killed in a drone attack at a gas station near Abu Dhabi airport.

The United Arab Emirates has promised retaliation a major Houthi attack on his land for years.

At least three people have been killed in drone strikes near the Abu Dhabi airport.

The UAE has been part of a Saudi-led coalition against the Houthis in Yemen since 2015.

Although many Emirati troops withdrew in 2019, they are still working hard, especially in southern Yemen.

So what message does the Houthis send, as the civil war enters its seventh year?

Presenter: Rob Matheson


Hussain Al Bukhaiti – Journalist

Elisabeth Kendall – Senior Researcher at Pembroke College, Oxford University

Sabah Al-Khozai – Academic and Politician

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