Gadgets News agrees to order free exams within a day

US people can now order for free, home COVID-19 test a United States Postal Service Website, one day earlier than expected. Last week, Biden officials said people should be able to order from Wednesday. At the time of announcement, was a site repository, but now directs users to USPS to place orders.

All families can request one set of four running antigen tests. USPS will begin shipping weapons later this month and usually within seven to 12 days after ordering.

Officials say the site existed one day for the first time as part of its beta, According to CNN White House senior journalist Kaitlan Collins. Officials hope to resolve the issue and ensure that legal implementation goes smoothly by Wednesday. Of course, at the time of writing, some people had trouble downloading the page, so you can not order it right away.

The website provides information on the tests. You should see results within 30 minutes and you can download any. It provides guidance on the timing of the test, as well as instructions on what to do based on the results. The site also has tips for testing and reimbursing insurance for home testing.

The Biden government is urgently buying billions, from COVID-19 trial homes to distribute to Americans. Half of them are expected to be available to order this week. The White House says its aim is to ensure that everyone has the exams available when they need them, especially since the exams are very important and often difficult to find in stores.

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