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What Do You Think About Marvel’s Eternals?

A sculpture cut by Marvel's Eternals players.

Figure: Marvel Studios

Marvel and Forever has arrived at the theater this week, and … everywhere. More than just MCU videos are usually, I mean. Critics who saw the film for the first time did not like it, although the esteemed director Chloé Zhao tried hard to keep it. Oscar winner leading as they work within the larger Marvel machines. Ours comments he thought it was a very popular and self-contained film that is another handful of the ever-growing megafranchise of the MCU. The result has been the most widely circulated film as the lowest MCU film on Rotten Tomato at 48%.

It is doing well with an audience of 84%, however; or rather, audiences who don’t just expand the content of the MCU regularly on Twitter. While viewers also agree that yes, this is probably taking a big change that is at odds with the way Marvel works so far, it has a very good look and is often revised. The moment the film succeeds and all its pieces come together is the same frustrating moments because it’s not as dramatic as it might be and it has a CG or bad guys who don’t feel like they need to be here. for the movie to succeed.

Time will tell if the Eternals will resume the way some new MCU players are doing Shang-Chi or Dear Yelena to have a word of the economy. There is no doubt that we will see these characters again – you do not have two form of post credits if you are just planning one and have done it, but in the form of another video or Disney + series it still appears. In the meantime, tell us what you think of Eternity. Were you impressed by this movie? Did you hate it? Do you also think the film is as important to Don Lee as Gilgamesh? Tell us in the comments below.

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