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The Galaxy S22 Ultra image looks to show off the S-Pen


Samsung can only update the S-Pen with this software Galaxy S22 Ultra after all. Front Page Tech but received photos of what is said to be the first photos of (apparently expired) S22 Ultra, and then new. Galaxy Note. There’s the S-Pen, a handy support section and a small design similar to the old notes.

Unlike previous 3D versions, however, no camera hump looks like P. Samsung says it needed a larger shape to fit the S-Pen, allowing the glasses to be more transparent with the body. You can stop the camera upgrade, however. The S22 Ultra should still be powered by a large 108MP sensor connected to a large 12MP camera, a 10MP 3X telephoto camera and 10MP 10X telephoto.

Front Page Tech

Separately, Price of FPTand Jon Prosser he said Samsung will take over the Galaxy S22 family on February 8 ahead of the February 18th release. Dates can be seen as temporary no matter how reliable they are (time can easily change right now), but it does show. and S21 The beginning of January was very different from the beginning of culture.

If the loss is correct, it helps to explain Samsung’s idea of ​​skipping changes to the Galaxy Note in 2021. The company did not ‘kill’ the Note if it moved to the Galaxy S. line. Z fold 3. While this can be tricky if you’ve been waiting for a new Information, it’s hard for you to leave the S-Pen functionality or set up “good enough” tools to choose from.

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