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We Are All Dead Bringing Korean High School Zombies to Netflix

High school actors from the Korean drama All of Us Are Dead, standing on top of a dead zombie.

Picture: Photos of JTBC Studios

Netflix has had some good South Korean shows recently. Squid game rose as a great victory, but as Kingdom and Hellbound Any sign, it’s a Korean threat that the advertising industry loves. Fortunately, they have a new horror story in the same way that is coming We Are All Dead.

The installation is simple: a group of South Korean high school students have to come together to survive the zombie bombing that started at their school. The bad news: there is a information of students in the school, and it will not be long before the disease naturally spreads throughout the city. But the good news is that kids are watching zombie movies (Train to Busan they get a shoutout) and know how to defend themselves, whether it’s a karate game or anything that lies in their school as archers. Without food or communication with their families, children live on their own. As he struggles to survive, a high school teacher will experience his connection to the tragedy and, if anything, can happen to keep the world afloat.

Monga Hellbound, the show is based on Webtoon: 2009’s Now At Our School and Joo Dong-geun. The way the Zombie show goes, it looks great, and to see a crowd swaying in the streets or on the corridors is terrifying. As they are, it is very easy to get carried away in high school, which makes it a natural fit for a dangerous environment.

We Are All Dead is one of several Korean dramas coming to the platform in 2022, as well as a Korean revival of the Spanish crime drama. Money Heist it’s a criminal offense Surname. Eight episodes will air on Netflix on January 28th.

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