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Watch SpaceX’s Crew-2 return to Earth from November 7 at 10:45 AM ET


SpaceX is Crew-2 function is ready to return in half a year to the International Space Station. NASA is has been confirmed that Crew-2 will be back from November 7 at 11:10 AM East, when astronauts will close the Endeavor capsule. The vehicle departs at 1:05 PM, and is due to crash on November 8 at 7:14 AM in the East. You can watch the video from November 7 at 10:45 AM via NASA’s YouTube channel, below.

Astronauts Akihiko Hoshide (JAXA), Thomas Pesquet (ESA), Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur (all from NASA) have spent 199 days in the ISS, and have returned with hardware and science testing. Crew-2 has been a key role in SpaceX in a number of areas. There is no additional evidence that private spacecraft are NASA’s best-performing operation – Endeavor is the first SpaceX capsule used by Crew Dragon. If all goes well, the company will have reduced the cost of transportation after Space Shuttle.

The ISS will be full for a short period of time. NASA and SpaceX are currently awaiting setting up Crew-3 on November 3 and arrives the same day. Not that even the outfit really emotional. The third ISS mission marks the beginning of a trend while NASA’s Crew Dragon missions are no longer in short supply. This is, of course, a new phenomenon.

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