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Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer Eleven, Byers in California


Illustration of the story Stranger Things' Season 4 Trailer Brings Unrest in California for Eleven

Figure: Netflix

When Strange Things finished its third season back in the dystopian year of 2019, without a chance The Byers and Eleven family (Millie Bobby Brown) packed their belongings to leave the town of Hawkins, Indiana for the lush green area. What do you think an old telekinetic girl is like a kid who insisted on going the other way to start a new life? Why, California for sure!

Revealed on Netflix’s “Stranger Things Day”, which is the day Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) went missing, a new caravan for the upcoming season sees Eleven writing a letter to his girlfriend Mike (Finn Wolfhard) describing his new life on the west coast. . The new house looks great, and it should be fun to ride to school in a pizza car, but otherwise, it doesn’t look very fun. our time –a powerful protagonist.

Much of how he tries to insist in his letter that he has the time of his life away from Hawkins and Hopper’s (considered) death, apparently doing nothing. “I have made more about friends, ”she relates when we see her being ignored by a classmate. If it wasn’t bad enough, he’d be hit with a spitball, and that’s it no fun. Like many teenagers in school, Eleven at least has a spring break coming up. But as soon as he makes a promise in his letter that the end of spring will be “greater than ever,” that is when things get worse and worse I see chaos coming.

If a shooting in his home and being chased by the government is a sign, going to the rink roller may not be the best option for Eleven right now. Now that they are powerless, Eleven is at greater risk than before, but it looks like the new season is bringing some more. other experimental studies carrying on spiritual weakness. Strange Things’ the fourth season hits Netflix inside 2022.

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