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Want to Partner with Robots? Imagine that it is an animal


FALSE: I wanted to talk about moving relationships with house robots or friends, especially when it comes to empathy and forming better relationships. What can we learn from what we have done over the years with animals?

KD: One of the things we have learned from looking at animal history and other relationships we have had with animals is that there is nothing wrong with this approach – which people often skip with robots. They immediately say, “It’s wrong. It’s a lie. It takes away our relationships with humans.” . “

One of the things we have learned is that animals, even in cohesive environments, are actually beneficial to health and education. There are therapeutic approaches that have really helped to change people’s lives through physical contact. And it shows that there may be robots to help in the same way, but in a different way, as a new species. It is a new tool, a new tool that we can use and benefit from.

One of the things that was important to me even putting it in this book is that robots and animals are no the same. Unlike animals, robots can share your secrets with others. And robots are made by organizations. There are so many stories that I think we can’t see or forget because we focus so much on people. There are many challenges to incorporating this expertise into the capitalist society in which we live, and simply allowing companies to have free control over how they use those connections.

FALSE: Say you have a child’s home robot. To unlock another type of item, you have to pay extra. But the child has already started a relationship with that robot, which you would say is using the mind, using the relationship the child has developed with the robot, to pay more.

KD: It’s like everything Disruptions within the in-app which has been around for a while, but will be on steroids. Because now you have such a connection, which is not just a child who just wants to play on an iPad, but a child who has a relationship with a robot.

For the kids, I don’t really care because we have so many security agencies out there looking for new technologies that are trying to bully children. And there are laws in place to protect children in many lands. But the interesting thing for me is that it’s not just children – you can bully someone this way. We know that seniors may be more likely to disclose information to the robot than they would to register at the store. Or if your sex robot has enough purchases, that could be a way to exploit the willingness of consumers to pay. And so I think there should be greater consumer protection. For privacy reasons, for the sake of distraction, I think it makes sense that people can save money to keep the robot “alive,” for example, that companies can try to take advantage of that.

FALSE: What does the recent relationship between robots and humans look like?

KD: Roomba is one of the simplest examples with a simple robot, but it is in private homes, it just moves on its own. And people called their Roombas. There are many crimes, such as war robots. Soldiers would work with the disposal teams and start treating them like pets. He will give them names, give them Medals of Honor, have funerals with gun salutes, and explain them in ways similar to how animals have helped the military in the greatest crisis of all time.


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