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Verizon upgraded the Ford F650 to give first responders the opportunity to use 5G


When Texas was earlier this year and an independent government grid failed, many people to be able to use the internet and find out what the situation is. Climate change makes these species one at a time during seasonal events becoming more frequent and forcing carriers to adapt.

On Tuesday, Verizon (parent company Engadget) launched the file Responding Service Vehicle (THOR). The carrier built the THOR using a modified Ford F650 car. At the front of the car are the driver’s seats and five passengers, while the “control area” you see at the back has three seats. THOR is able to bring 5G and satellite connectivity to a location where a natural disaster can disrupt access to the network or no connection at all.

Verizon thinks THOR is helping first responders and agents “under any circumstances,” be it wildfires in California or following a hurricane in Florida, just as examples. The company developed the designs with the help of Pentagon’s NavalX and SoCal TechBridge. In addition to connecting first responders with antitrust, it also comes with an integrated drone that can be used to search and rescue people and gain information in the event of a disaster.

This is not the first time we have seen a U.S. carrier act like this. Back in 2019, AT&T showed up .

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