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Coronavirus recently: South Korea has the highest numbers since December


Growth in the U.S. aid sector has slowed in June since recording last month, e.g. Businesses struggle with rising costs and labor pressures. The Institute for Supply Management’s index performance rating index fell 60.1 last month, the lowest since February, from 64 in May.

Costco will end this month cutting special time shopping for US seniors that began in March 2020, shortly after the epidemic was declared a national catastrophe. Costco stores from July 26 will no longer have working hours from 9am to 10am, Monday to Friday, for members 60 years or older, or those with disabilities or inadequate security.

Gavin Williamson, secretary for education in the UK, has confirmed the end of so-called “bubble” isolation in schools. The system, which will be phased out from July 19, requires students to stay home if a member of their class or group of the year receives a Covid-19.

Close contacts with people who have been diagnosed with coronavirus since August 16th we no longer need to isolate ourselves from the UK if they receive adequate vaccination, the health secretary says. Anyone who will receive his second dose “before or after” the date will have to wait two weeks for the vaccine to work properly before the law can be implemented, Sajid Javid told Parliament.

The North West had Extreme risk of death from coronavirus in England last year, according to a survey from the Office for National Statistics. ONS reports that North West killed 176 people out of 100,000 people related to Covid-19. The southwest of England had the lowest death rate for 59.3 per 100,000 people.

More people have died in the UK than those born last year for the first time since 1976, according to government statistics. By 2020, there were 90,000 deaths registered for Covid-19 in the UK, taking the death toll to 690,000, an increase of 85,000 from 2019, more from the Office for National Statistics.


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