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Verizon is partnering with AR Vuzix manufacturer for a number of reasons

It has been several years since we heard from the AR Vuzix company. In early 2019, it came out with its first two . We were silent two years ago, and here it is affiliation with Verizon. The two did not elaborate on their agreement. What he said was that he wanted to find ways to market AR technology for use in sports and games, especially those that affect the need for education. The merger includes Vuzix Shield smartphones as well as Verizon 5G network capabilities.

It’s hard to say if we see anything about the deal, but it’s not surprising to see Verizon . The sleek, sleek and durable coats have been ranked as one of the biggest beneficiaries of the speed and latency enhancement promised by the 5G network. Likewise, paying close attention to games and games is no longer a surprise. Some of the first places where Verizon had a 5G service were . It is one of the few places where the transmission of a carrier in Wave is shining because there is enough space to justify building small cells that need to hide even small areas with very fast 5G speeds.

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