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France recommends home-based legislation to end Covid-19 surgery

France needs to work on the home of all qualified workers for at least three days a week and ban big conventions for more than 2,000 people because it wants to deal with the new Covid-19 wave driven mainly by the most popular Omicron brand.

Jean Castex, Prime Minister, has also promised that the law will make all vaccines compulsory but effective by mid-January by extending the “health certificate” used for access to restaurants, cafes and all other facilities. “vaccination certificate”. If a law is passed by Parliament then people will no longer be allowed to enter such places with the Covid-19 test only.

But the government has stopped short of new measures such as curfews or delays in returning to school after the Christmas holidays, ignoring the call of some health professionals in recent days that need to be taken seriously.

“We are in a race against time,” Castex told a news conference, adding that the government’s approach is to implement “responsive” responses as the epidemic escalates.

“While we don’t see hospitals full of Omicron, this type of transmission and the spread that is spreading requires us to move forward,” he said.

European countries have recovery restrictions on life and business in recent weeks while battling Covid-19 infections. The region now owns one-third of all cases and one third of all deaths worldwide, according to the World Health Organization.

France contracted about 105,000 new infections on December 25, the highest since the plague began, bringing the population to 712, a third higher than last week. Some of the incidents took place at a very high rate as people were careful before the holiday meetings but the spread was also controlled by many. Omicron contagion the diversity that experts already compare is the root cause of many diseases in Paris.

The government of President Emmanuel Macron has so far decided not to introduce business mitigation measures that will hurt the economy. recovery. Instead it encouraged the release of promotional vaccines and small-scale interventions such as the necessary homework rather than promotional, as in the past.

Castex said the new house law would be discussed by unions and co-workers Tuesday, with a minimum of three weeks. It is estimated that about 4 out of 10 French jobs can be done remotely.

Some of the measures they have announced are to include a ban on food and drink on long distances and in movie theaters and theaters to prevent people from removing their masks. Restaurants and restaurants will be required to provide services at the table only.

Some say the government has not gone far enough. “Health has deteriorated economically these days,” said Jean-Paul Stahl, an infectious disease specialist at Grenoble Hospital, on BFM TV.

Whether any new rules will be needed in the coming weeks will depend on whether French hospitals can handle the big approval at Christmas and beyond. Zake hospitals have been forced by the shortage of staff and non-work even before Omicron has touched anything. The death toll rose to 1,050 last week – an unprecedented rate since last April – to bring the total death toll to 122,500.

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