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Vampire Academy Coming to Peakcock TV From Producer Julie Plec

Image of Vampire Academy article coming to Peakcock TV From Executive Producer Julie Plec

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You remember what Mark Water did when he wrote Richelle Mead’s book in 2014 Vampire Academy? The movie currently stands at 16% on rotten tomatoes with a large audience, calling it a box dud. However, Peacock TV, as well as a major manufacturer Julie Plec wants the right one wrong and Vampire School The video was on it goes straight to the list system.

Plec knows his way around the Vampire role as a great producer The Vampire Diaries and Early. Another Vampire warrior, Marguerite MacIntrye, is also a member. He wrote on another Vampire Notes sprout, Rules.

The only information available right now is descriptive text because there is no barrier or release date. Manufacturer report a description of the following:

“In a world of luck and beauty, two girls’ relationships will continue their very different education. Together they plan to complete their studies and enter the queen. “

I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know if the phrase is close to the original article, but I hope the combination of the books is mixed with Plec’s ideas.

Apparently the Vampire Madness is coming on TV soon. Anne Rice Vampire History directed to AMC, there was a discussion of Real Blood to resume, and Legacies is still ahead of Netflix.

Have you read Vampire Academy? Do you think it is worth changing? Tell us what you think below!

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