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Silent aircraft manufacturer Aerion suddenly shuts down

Companies are educating themselves about construction challenges silent jets. All Florida Today and CNBC Say Aerion Supersonic closes suddenly. The maker of this amazing peace plane said it was struggling to make money “during the financial crisis” and was going through “the right channels” depending on the situation.

The company focused on the AS2, which is known as the first self-propelled aircraft. It means to travel at a speed of 1,000MPH without sonic booms and the noise of a cabin that crashes a plane like Concorde. He is due to fly by 2024 and join by 2026. Aerion had several high-profile partners, including Boeing and GE, and received praise from the Florida ambassador when he unveiled plans for a factory construction at Orlando Melbourne International Airport.

Aerion did not say what would happen with the company’s assets closed. The company was announcing new developments at the end of April.

This is not the end of the journey to heaven. Boom Supersonic is rebuilding its Overture aircraft with the hope of flying by 2029.

However, it is not a surprising result. Aircraft manufacturing is naturally expensive, and is especially true of such advanced technologies – Aerion said it would take $ 4 billion to build AS2. And while the COVID-19 epidemic seems to be on the decline, air travel is more than just a reversal of public suspicions and companies that work hard at home. The audience for these jets is not as small as it was a few years ago, and it probably won’t be long in coming.

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