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Valve says it features a Nintendo switchch PC like a PC

Proof that Valve is working as a carrier Change a device that would allow Steam users to play a portion of their game library starting to build, with a new report from Ars Technica to provide other possibilities for the project. Citing several sources “who are familiar with the subject,” the book states that Valve has been working on an all-in-one PC with game controls “for a while.” Take a page on tools such as Aya Neo, the device includes AMD or Intel system-on-chip where it probably comes with Linux. Only one model is said to be larger than the Nintendo switchch and has buttons, output, and fun settings. The recorder also includes a visual and a file of Steam connectivity like Steam.

Like Switch, the device will plug in a USB-C port to allow you to connect to an external display. Ars could not determine if Valve wanted to release several variants of the device with different components. It didn’t have anything to say about the price, knowing what’s available shortage of chip worldwide it could make Valve not sell the device anywhere near the $ 299 price of the Nintendo switchch. It is said that Valve will be able to release the device at the end of the year, although any difficulties that may arise could affect the time.

While we can take today’s report with skepticism, there is evidence that Valve has been working on a new hardware function. Starting in September last year, the company added Steam-like flyers by naming another one called “Neptune” and “Nepture Optimized Games.” At first, many people thought Valve was doing a new control function. But on Tuesday, the company added a Neptune link number with icons that featured “SteamPal” – Ars Technica he says it can’t be verified as the last name of the new device. In addition, earlier this month, Valve’s co-founder Gabe Newell said the company would have something to share in the console game. “You will have an understanding of this by the end of this year,” he said told a school in New Zealand. “… it is not the answer you are expecting. Say, ‘Ah-ha! now I have found what he is talking about.”

At the same time, we will see Valve is a popular company Combining plans to prevent them in the future and shifting his focus to something else. Other than that, we waited 13 years to play a new one Half-Life Games. In addition, the company has a complex and demanding reputation with hardware projects. Valve Index came out powerful comments in 2019, but a year ago Valve stopped offering Steam Machines. Either way, we have reached out to Valve for comment, and we will reconsider if we hear of it.

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