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USAF is focused on the retail rocket market

The U.S. military is developing a test program that it will one day see use rockets that can be used to move objects and equipment around the world. Per , The Pentagon is advancing on a project called Rocket Cargo where it will study aerial vehicles that can land at various locations and refresh the air once the atmosphere is reopened. The Air Force requested during the 2022 financial year to continue working on Rocket Cargo. Most of this money goes to pay for what the department wants to test in the field and experiments.

The project “will showcase new demonstrations and techniques for maneuvering large rockets, the ability to launch rockets in tight spaces and create and test airborne beans,” Air Force said in a statement. “The Department of Aviation aims to use the extra billions of dollars to build the largest rockets, as well as with the potential to set up and test a commercial rocket capacity to deliver AF cargo anywhere in the world in less than an hour, with 100 tons.”

The document does not mention SpaceX directly, but as CNBC shows that the company’s heavy rocket is well suited to the demands of the military. It also worked with SpaceX, as well as Exploration Architecture Corporation, when it launched began working on the project last year. The thing is Starship , and soon it will be done .

Either way, the military is still holding on to their decisions. “We spoke to a number of service providers who we feel could come to the table to compete with the industry,” said Drs. Greg Spanjers, who is leading Project Project, said on Friday. “SpaceX is very transparent, no doubt about it … [but] what you are trying to do is go to the orbital or suborbital trajectory, retrieve the payments, and place them on the ground. There are a number of companies with the potential for technology today, not just SpaceX. “The military also said that it is important to consider candidates who are not well-known, in other words, to promote certain aspects of the atmosphere.”

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