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JPMorgan Chase has resumed donations but has disrupted Republicans who opposed the election

JPMorgan Chase has resumed political campaigns but not for voters who voted against Joe Biden in the election victory, leaving the polls in January following raiding the US Capitol house.

Rival Citigroup is also launching a special offering after a long time. The bank did not mandate it to provide competitive funding but said future donations would only go to those who wanted to achieve their goals, including a commitment to protect democratic institutions.

The idea of ​​two major US banks reflects the trend in America, as it seeks to be politically motivated while not discriminating against customers and employees.

JPMorgan and Citi were one of the largest US companies that said they would withdrawal or reconsideration of political contributions in response to the January 6 Capitol riots that left five people dead.

In a note to the workers on Friday, JPMorgan said it would continue to make donations through the JPMC Political Action Committee this month but would not make donations to lawmakers. who voted against counting of college voting votes.

“We are going to re-evaluate this election in the run-up to the by-elections,” the bank told co-workers at the site, which was first reported by Reuters news agency.

JPMorgan will also report to quarterly staff on PAC’s performance.

Citi also told staff on Friday that their Citi PAC will resume offering negotiations.

“From our analysis, it became clear that we needed to strengthen our values ​​to determine who Citi PAC would be looking for, and we did this by adding two new approaches – one to ethics and credibility, and the other to commitment to coalition and democratic institutions,” the bank said in a statement. .

Several major US companies, including Cigna, Intel and T-Mobile, in February contributed to funding for the Republican Senate and the House of Representatives, including lawmakers who voted against the bill.

Under U.S. election laws, PACs can pay up to $ 15,000 a year to national committees up to $ 5,000 for other PACs or those who want to vote in primary elections.

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