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US to ban travel from India due to Covid overload


The US is banning trips coming from India, an idea announced by the White House on Friday as the Indian government provides another world record of more than 400,000 daily.

Jen Psaki, press secretary at the White House, said in a statement that the ban would begin on Tuesday. Although Psaki did not specify the limits that could be set, they are expected to be similar to other international sanctions, which bar non-American citizens from entering the US if they live in the affected country 14 days ago.

Biden’s announcement came on the day India also reported more than 300,000 new Covid-19 cases in the ninth day of the operation. Evidence suggests that about 3,000 people a day die from the disease, although many experts believe that the true figure is much higher.

In a statement, Psaki said the White House had taken action following a tip-off from the Centers for Disease Control, citing “the worst cases of Covid-19 and several genocides surrounding India”. Kamala Harris, the US Vice President whose mother emigrated to the United States from India, said national security advisers also encouraged this.

The US has already banned non-citizens from entering if they have been in a number of foreign countries in the past 14 days, including the UK, Europe, China, Iran and Brazil.

Some countries have already banned trips from India in order to prevent the spread of type B.1.617, which is believed to be the cause of the spread of India.

UK he announced last week only British and Irish citizens could enter India, and travelers were required to stay in a state-owned hotel for 10 days. Germany and Italy have made similar arrangements.

The ban comes a few days after the US announced a package to help India cope with the epidemic, including air and vaccination equipment.

“We have a responsibility as a United States, especially in relation to the people with whom we have formed alliances over the years, to increase where people are in need,” Harris said Friday. “We have a long-standing relationship for many years with India, and the people of India, especially in health matters.”

The White House also announced this week that it will sell out 60m range Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine, which has not been approved for use in the US, in other countries. Although officials have not yet determined which countries will receive the drugs, US President Joe Biden said he expects India to be one of them.

Additional reports of Amy Kazmin in New Delhi


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