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NASA wants to use its Mars helicopter to support the Perseverance rover


After that making history and complete two more planes, NASA Mars Helicopter Notification soon he may be attempting to become a space celebrity in the Red Planet. Friday, NASA he announced is planning to change the circuit to make it more efficient once it has completed the remaining tests. NASA says the spacecraft has included precision control, efficient use of its images and, most importantly, major hazards. This is a major change in technology that initially needed to demonstrate whether flying on Mars is possible.

When knowledge begins to work on these desires it depends on how the next two of its groups come out. The helicopter had to finish the fourth time this week but he was hard to raise Thursday. As of Friday afternoon, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory said it was awaiting a drop of information from Mars to see if its second attempt at flight four was safe.

I am Effort scheduled to complete a short-term flight over the next few weeks, NASA says it will be able to deploy intelligence on small missions in front of a rover to explore possible routes, find roadblocks and map the location. NASA says the planes will not be necessary for Perseverance’s mission to succeed, but will provide “significant benefits” to future missions.

Either way, the last Ingenuity flight will take place at the end of August. In this way, NASA has ample time to do whatever it takes to make an End of the year, and the position of the sun between Earth and Mars makes possible the connection between the two planets.

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