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US Postal Service manages social networking sites to ‘know’


The program of United States Postal Service He may not be a competitor if you are asked to name government agencies that you think are overseeing the movie, but they seem to be doing so. According to Yahoo Account, the Postal Service – United States Postal Inspection Service or USPIS – has been running the Internet Covert Operations Program (iCOP). Analysts of the group allegedly tampered with the pages of the TVs on “malware” records and then shared their findings with other organizations through Homeland Security.

Yahoo Account found a document describing all the genres that ICOP researchers found related to the demonstrations organized at the World Wide Rally for Freedom and Democracy back in March. The article contained notes taken from Facebook, Speak up, Telegram and other social networking sites. It also alleged that Parler users, in particular, had stated their intention to use the rallies to commit acts of violence, while other posters said it was their chance to “destroy the dangers.”

ICOP investigators have confirmed that “there is no intelligence that can provide evidence of these threats.” However, be aware that they will continue to monitor social networking sites and identify articles that discuss their planned and violent campaigns.

Government agencies monitoring Parler and Facebook groups are not surprising, considering the status quo played by giving people a platform to prepare Capitol chaos back in January. Human rights activists were surprised that the Post Service was monitoring the posts online, however, when postal work was not related to social media. In an interview with Yahoo News, USPIS stated that what it does is protect its mail, construction, staff and its customers. It said in words:

“The US Postal Inspection Service is the first law enforcement, law enforcement, and security officer in the U.S. Postal Service. Similarly, the US Postal Inspection Service has state law enforcement agencies, the Inspector Postal, which complies with about 200 federal laws to achieve this. agency: to protect the U.S. Post Service and its affiliates, contractors, and clients;

The Internet Covert Operations Program is a project within the US Post Inspection Service, which measures what intimidates employees at the Postal Service and infrastructure by monitoring public information.

In addition, the Inspection Service liaises with state law enforcement agencies, governments, and local agencies to identify and monitor potential threats to the Post Service, its employees and clients, as well as all of its mail and logistics systems. In order to maintain its functionality, the US Post Inspection Service does not discuss its rules, inspection procedures, or equipment. “

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