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United Airlines is planning to add 15 Boom Supersonic jets to its fleet

Boom Supersonic can now add United Airlines to their sponsorship list. Carrier wants to buy 15 of Boom Note the aircraft will meet the “search for security, functionality and its requirements.” The deal includes an opportunity for United to purchase 35 additional skills in a 50 jets order. As Boom revealed recently XB-1 test flight and in preparation for its first flight later this year, the company has not developed a passenger aircraft.

If all goes according to plan, United will start piloting Overture flights sometime in 2029. Among other things, it sees a Mach 1.7 flight flying from Newark to London in less than four hours and San Francisco to Tokyo in about six hours . The state-of-the-art aircraft, the aircraft take approximately 7 to 11 hours. He says he plans to work together to increase production and supply of fuel but did not say in detail how to achieve that goal.

Even with United and other carriers like Japan Airlines Helping Boom take its first flight from the ground, the launch has a big challenge ahead of it. Many of the challenges that led to Concord in 2003 still exist. For one, the Federal Aviation Administration has Long-term ban preventing fighter jets from flying faster than noise speeds, reducing technologies such as Overture’s ability to fly. Flying planes also deliver fuel. Not only do airplanes favor the older fuel-efficient aircraft, but there are also examples of other carriers that command pilots to fly slowly. keep on the tree.

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