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Ukraine has warned of a ‘major potential’ for the rise of Russian troops in the winter

Western intellectuals are showing “significant potential for disruption” in Ukraine and Russia recently this winter after Moscow filled more than 90,000 troops on its borders, according to the deputy prime minister of Kyiv.

Hanna Maliar told FT over the weekend that while Western philosophical interpretation “needs to be discussed again”, he emphasized the “great potential for things”.

Asked if the threat of war in Russia was greater than in previous years, he said: “Information about [military intelligence services] is in line with the knowledge of the host countries regarding the high probability of a crisis in Ukraine in the winter.

Maliar added that his allies “only took the number of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border”, indicating that Washington has some insight into the intentions of Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

The US informed its allies last week of intelligence indicating that Moscow is preparing to invade Ukraine. Russia’s president has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning Russia’s intelligence have been made more than once.

The construction of the Russian army has been taking place near the broken Donbass region in eastern Ukraine, with two Moscow-backed forces fighting a war against Kyiv since 2014, and elsewhere in northeastern Ukraine and the island of Crimea. , said Maliar.

Kyiv estimates that Russia has sent 114,000 troops to northern, eastern, and southern Ukraine – including 92,000 troops and the rest of the air and sea, Kyrylo Budanov, Ukraine’s chief of intelligence, told FT.

Washington did not take into account Putin’s intentions and military stance, based on various assessments of Russia’s threat to Ukraine, people said in a statement. But the US fears that recent travels are more dangerous than the same ones in the year when Moscow increased the number of border crossings as part of what it said were unplanned events.

Putin told a television station over the weekend that Moscow was concerned about Nato weapons not mentioned in the Black Sea involving “military forces” and nuclear weapons, which he said had brought “serious trouble” to Russia.

Putin said he had warned his defense ministry not to carry out unprovoked tests in the region and to ban NATO aircraft from boarding ships because “there is no need to go further.”

“You feel that they will not let us stay awake. Well, let them know we are not tolerating it, ”he said.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters Friday that the U.S. fears a resumption of the first phase of the conflict following a legitimate white supremacy in Kyiv in 2014, when Russia launched a separatist war in the Donbass region that said more. more than 14,000 people.

“[We] “We have seen in the past that Russian troops on the Ukrainian border, say they are angry with Ukraine and then revolt and do what they are planning to do all this time,” Blinken said. “This is what they did in 2014. he was more than anxious to repeat the events of the day, ”he said,“ it would have been utterly wrong. ”

Budanov of the Ukrainian military said Russian troops “left their demonstrations in tanks, tanks, and jets near our borders” after several exercises with Belarus in September.

“This can be seen as a preparation for a major attack and an attempt at stress,” he said.

Although Russia has repeatedly refused to take part in the war, Moscow’s military has stepped in to support the Ukrainian separatists and the military, armed with weapons, during the war and continues to lead separatist groups, according to US and EU countries.

Negotiations to resolve the conflict under the 2015 peace plan in Minsk, which was affected by the French and German diplomacy, have been halted mainly by Russia’s refusal to return Ukraine to its borders and Kyiv’s refusal to allow separatist groups to govern themselves under its laws.

The French Foreign Ministry said this week that Russia had refused to hold a cabinet meeting with Ukraine and Germany to discuss peace in the Donbass.

In a speech over the weekend, Putin also complained about Ukraine’s use of Turkish-made drones – which were a major blow to Azerbaijan’s victory over Nagorno-Karabakh last year – in the Donbass war, which he said violated his obligations under the alliance.

“But no one is against this [ . . .] Europe messed up something and the US really helped. And Ukrainian officials are openly saying that they have used them and will use them again. ”

Although Russia will not attack, border crossings are disruptive, according to one European official. “Russia’s constant pressure makes it difficult for Ukraine to develop and strengthen as a country,” he said.

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