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UK officials have been told to prepare for Covid’s ’emergency plans’

Boris Johnson has asked the minister to make “emergency plans” to address the shortage of workers due to the coronavirus that threatens to disrupt the UK. business and supply chains in the coming weeks.

In the wake of the growing number of labor-intensive cases that have plagued many sectors, government officials have been asked to try their best against the high unemployment rate of up to 25 percent.

The Cabinet office said leaders have already identified a number of options, including identifying additional staff – such as government volunteers or former teachers in schools.

Steve Barclay, the cabinet minister, will conduct regular meetings with the cabinet in order to better monitor developments. Omicron on labor and sales chains.

Workers have blamed the government for shutting down emergency operations until the “deadline”.

The prime minister’s office said the disruption caused by the changes had been “carried out in many parts of the country” and stressed that the government’s efforts to reduce Covid’s isolation period from 10 to 7 days could help reduce unemployment.

“When people return to work after the Christmas break, Omicron’s increase means that business and government services will be disrupted in the coming weeks, mainly due to a lack of regular workers,” Barclay said.

“We’ve been working all this Christmas to prepare for this if possible, and all departments are working closely with the heads of state and corporations that have the opportunity to improve their performance. ”

England reported 162,572 new cases on Saturday when health secretary Sajid Javid insisted that further sanctions “should be the last resort”.

Writing in the Daily Mail on Friday, he said: “Ever since I started this project six months ago, I have also been aware of the cost of health, social and economic costs as a result of closure.

Chris Hopson, executive director of NHS Providers, which represents hospitals, ambulances, communities and mental health beliefs, said Omicron’s impact on the NHS would be felt in the next few days.

Officials “should be prepared to impose new sanctions if necessary,” he said on Twitter on Saturday.

Matthew Taylor, chief of the NHS Confederation, has warned the NHS pressure to force hospitals to re-impose restrictions on visitors.

Deputy Chief of Labor Angela Rayner said: “Boris Johnson’s lack of leadership means that his government is in disarray and delayed, leaving emergency planning until the end.

“Boris Johnson should have advised his ministers to start preparations for the last few weeks, but instead he disappeared for a few days.

“With Covid’s disease statistics, the prime minister has to deal with labor pressures, maintain essential services, maintain schools and protect the public.”

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