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U.S. companies are urging South Korea to release Samsung bosses in custody

U.S. companies have urged South Korean President Moon Jae-in to release Samsung chairman Lee Jae-yong, saying the billionaire would support Joe Biden’s efforts to curb American dependence on foreign computer-generated computers.

Samsung is rich billions of dollars at a semiconductor production facility in the US, a group based in Seoul focuses on leaves in Austin, where it already has one manufacturing plant, as well as Phoenix and New York.

As a result of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, the US government and businesses are working hard find electrical supply for essential technologies, including semiconductor conductors.

Among the first of his leadership, Biden He unveiled a $ 50bn plan Improving the US semiconductor market. But interest in boosting American self-esteem on computer chips t has grown after global shortage in car-used chips have begun to hit other industries, too.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea warned Moon, however, that South Korea’s US cooperation position is as vulnerable as Samsung, a the largest producer in the world, did not do much to help Biden, according to a letter from the Financial Times.

“We believe that the pardon of Samsung’s most important senior is very important in the US and Korea,” said James Kim, the room’s chief executive at FT.

The singing coincided with Moon’s trip to Washington for a meeting with Biden, the two were due to meet on Friday.

Lee is serves 18 months behind bars to pay bribes Paki Geun-hye, The former president, in what critics and critics have said is a conspiracy to gain control of Samsung, South Korea’s largest company. The richest man in South Korea is facing each other other cases it is said to be connected to its replacement.

While the 52-year-old player is still facing Samsung from his jail just south of Seoul, a a stable condition of a family-run business means that other potential mitigation measures are difficult, say critics.

Presidential pardon for those found guilty of business dealings and political leaders has been a common politicians in South Korea. For decades, the heads of many chaebol families, successful in business, avoid arrests or reduced sentences and pardoned. In 2015, Chey Tae-won, CEO of SK Group, South Korea’s third-largest company, was forgiven by Park.

However, the issue is very forgiving divide the people of South Korea. Before President Moon he vowed to end the practice.

An additional problem of the Moon is that its predecessors, Park is Lee Myung-bak, they are also behind corruption in bribery and corruption. Their followers have also asked for forgiveness.

The American Chamber of Commerce in Korea, which has about 800 companies, and “non-political” parties have joined several South Korean business groups in demanding the immediate release of Lee, their chief executive.

Aside from economic ties, Moon and Biden are expected to negotiate Nuclear weapons in North Korea, sanctions, coronavirus vaccine and community immunity in response to China’s threats.

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