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Google’s commitment to Matter could unite a divided household industry


Google has announced a the giant killed the revolution to its various software features at their I / O programming conference this week, as well as in addition to Android, Wear it, Agent and a yours yes names story, I have not forgotten the wise house. At the show, the company shared several changes around its Nest and Android products that look more committed to recently updated Matter site.

As it turns out, Matter was formerly called Project CHIP, or Our Link to IP. It is a partnership between the giants of companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung and others to ensure the environment is already divided. Matter will support a wide range of protocols and supports, including Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant as well as Bluetooth, Ethernet, WiFi and Thread. In I / O, Google said it was “committed to supporting Matter” and that it was “bringing Matter to Android with Nest’s ability.”

The articles will bring you easy ways to set up and reuse, and with your Android phone you can monitor all Matter devices at once to help you navigate to a greater extent. Ideally, this means that you can use an Android tool to upgrade the Echo or HomeKit speaker, for example.

According to Google, Android will provide consistent support on News as well as ways to set up and upgrade authentication tools. It also announced that its sales and thread, including Nest Wifi, Nest Hub Max and Nest Hub (second generation), “will be the mainstay of Matter equipment.” In addition, Nest’s displays and speakers will be “customized to be able to monitor Matter devices,” which Google has promised to lead “faster and more secure experiences even with Wi-Fi, Thread or ethernet.”

To help users find out everything related to the Assistant, Google is also setting up a home folder that includes instructional videos, product reviews and votes. You can search using keywords or use filters to narrow down search results to find the tools that best fit your needs.

In addition, Google is expanding its support for WebRTC to reduce the amount of live video and audio streaming from security cameras or door bells on your TV, screens or mobile phones. Companies like Logitech, Arlo, Wyze and Netatmo are expected to combine WebRTC and Google Assistant in the coming weeks. Finally, the company is also changing its Home and Remote routines by giving you more energy for your home by taking the time to leave or return to your home.

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