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Twitter shares fall after releasing predictable revenue


Twitter warned of a slowdown in economic growth next year and provided economic guidance even though it benefited from the amount of digital advertising funding during the epidemic.

The San Francisco-based media company said earnings for the first quarter increased by 28% annually to $ 1.04bn, slightly higher than experts’ estimates of $ 1.03bn.

Twitter shares dropped nearly 9% on sales after hours.

The company has completely redesigned its advertisers’ advertising among the digital money laundering claims by their competitors. Facebook and Google. However, Twitter said it expects the potential for the second quarter of this year to reach between $ 980m and $ 1.08bn, at the very end of the $ 1.05bn deal.

He also said that its total revenue and revenue would increase by 25% annually by 2021, which is an increase throughout the year.

Twitter has been selling several what’s coming in order to encourage action and diversify financial resources to further promote adherence to the concerns of the coming sales.

“We continue to expect that total revenue will grow faster than it was spent in 2021, assuming that the global epidemic continues to evolve and see little effect in implementing the changes that are associated with iOS 14.5,” he said. Twitter he said, citing Apple’s upcoming secret on its iPhone systems, which makes advertising more complex.

“We’re going to run a lot on a number of platforms, including our improvements in the way we respond and the economic impact.”

Daily fundraisers – home-based stones that count the number of entrants on the platform showcasing advertisements – have risen 20% annually to 199m, the only embarrassment 200m viewers expect.

Total revenue rose to $ 61m, compared to a loss of $ 8m in the same quarter last year.


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