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Twitter Can Run Subscription For $ 2.99 per month


A Looks Like Twitter article can work on Twitter Blue Subscription for $ 2.99 per month

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Twitter has not released much of it the pay-per-view type is cooking, but thanks to programmer Jane Manchun Wong we can come up with ideas on what to make and what to call it. Saturday, Wong he wrote that Twitter Blue subscription service will cost $ 2.99 per month and allow users to edit their tweets and create bookmarks, among other things.

Twitter also seems to be working standard subscription typeHe also said. He thought that high-priced trees could open up more and give users more useless, basic, similar to what you can do. find on combined work.

Wong made a name for himself as a software developer to find out what Big Tech is either trying or planning to add later. Rumors that Twitter plus the many ways in which users make their money are not new. Earlier this month, Twitter launched “Tip Jar” off that, as its name implies, allows users to send and receive money from strangers online through the services of others. However, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey confirmed Inside in July 2020 that it is in the “very early stages” of researching the registration process, the company has been silent on its objectives ever since.

But it is clear that there is a lot of work going on in secret. Last week, Twitter found the Scroll, a paid subscription service that removes ads from participating pages. Among his findings was a Twitter announcement that he was shooting Nuzzel, a reporter found by Scroll in 2019 which has become popular for sending users newsletters daily on their Twitter feed, it seems that Twitter is launching its subscription campaign. When we asked about Wong Messages Saturday, a Twitter spokesperson he refused to comment.

Subscriptions may be the latest in a series of new tweets that Twitter has been experimenting in recent weeks, including image rotation and warning system tweets that can be annoying. It is not clear when the paid version of Twitter will start or who may be eligible, but if all these rumors and signals are circulating with any sign, we may have an announcement in the near future.


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